Accepting a ClearanceJobs Meeting

Reviewing, accepting, and scheduling meetings with employers through ClearanceJobs.

Scheduling a time to meet with a recruiter can be tricky, but ClearanceJobs has a solution. With ClearanceJobs Meetings, a recruiter can send you a meeting invitation that is synced with their calendar. This allows you to select a time to meet that works for you, based on the times the recruiter has available - eliminating the back and forth required to find a meeting time that will work for all parties.


All Meeting invitations will appear within your Messages. This is what it will look like when a Meeting invitation has been extended to you by a recruiter:


Once you have received the invitation, you have two options to get more information. You can click the top white bar (seen above as “Discuss PM opening”) to view the invitation message, information about the recruiter, and Meeting history. You can then respond to the invitation on this page by using the blue button seen in the top right portion of your screen.


You can also click the bottom white bar labeled “Select time and date” to choose a day that would work for you to meet with this connection, and then to select a time for the meeting.


Once you have selected a date and time, the meeting will be updated and that information will be sent to the recruiter. Prior to accepting and sending the response, you will also have the opportunity to add a message to the recruiter. Take advantage of this - it’s a great way to get the conversation started!

Finally, all of the communication about the meeting will be found within your message thread with the recruiter. You can also access all of your meetings in the Meetings tool, found in the top right dropdown next to your name. In the same dropdown menu, you can find your Subscriptions. Be sure to opt in to receive a text message when a new Meetings request arrives in your Messages.