ClearanceJobs Advanced Job Search

How to use the job search tool on ClearanceJobs to find the right job for you - instantly.

It’s a new age. Through the magic of the internet, we can push a few buttons on our phones and voila! Donuts, groceries, and potential soulmates instantly appear – all tailored to our needs. Shouldn’t job searching be the same? The ClearanceJobs Advanced Job Search tool allows you to pinpoint everything you want in a new job with even more precision. Why not kick back and let our proprietary IntelliSearch™ capabilities do all the work for you? You can even set up alerts that will deliver the jobs you want straight to your inbox.

Here are a just a few ways ClearanceJobs’ new Advanced Job Search will deliver you better jobs with less effort.

IntelliSearch: How do you spell “Convenience?” Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V. At least that’s how IntelliSearch spells it. IntelliSearch uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of job searching. Just take your resume, copy and paste it into our new Advanced Search Tool, and watch IntelliSearch comb our whole database for the jobs that fit you best. Got a job description for your dream job and want to find ones that look like it? Or want to see what jobs you’d qualify for if you added a master’s degree or new certification to your resume? You got it: it’s as easy as Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V.

And guess what? If you already have a resume on our site, it’s even easier than that! You can just click the little button that says, “Search for jobs based on your resume profile” and that’s just what IntelliSearch will do. It will automatically search based on the location and clearance level listed in your profile. It will even tell you how closely you match the job description, so you know which jobs are best for you. And IntelliSearch doesn’t just pull keywords - it looks at the context around those keywords, too. After all, a “Python Tamer” and “Python Developer” are kind of different things.

So go ahead and find that dream job; it’s as easy as “click” or “copy and paste.” Save your energy for your awesome new job.

Boolean Search: Like to kick it old school with keyword searches? Well the new Advanced Job Search still lets you put your Boolean ninja skills to good use. Just type your query, then let the drop-down menus tailor your search results even further. You can limit your search by location, company name, clearance level, and more. We let you decide for yourself how much control you want over our search features. Because at ClearanceJobs, we believe in “AND” not “OR.”

Job Alerts: ClearanceJobs may not deliver donuts hot and fresh to your door (because we’d eat all our inventory), but we do deliver the next best thing: your own personal, tailored Job Alerts. You can build an unlimited number of searches based on location, keywords, clearance level, company name, and other factors.

Actively on the job hunt? Build a standard search with your desired info and have it delivered to your inbox every day. Just casually keeping an eye out for that dream job in Hawaii? No problem – you can get your emails delivered every week or every month instead.

Polygraph Requirements: You told us you wanted an easier way to find jobs that require a polygraph – and we listened. We are currently working with employers to ensure that all jobs with a polygraph requirement will be listed clearly. This will make them much easier for you to find. No more hide and seek.

As always, our new Advanced Job Search is designed exclusively with you in mind. ClearanceJobs appreciates all the work you do to serve and protect our country - this is just one small way we’re working to serve you back.