Expressed Interest: Candidates

How to Express Interest in a job and manage the jobs you have Expressed Interest in.

Have you ever been interested in a new opportunity, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of filling out the inevitable forms associated with the application process? Expressed Interest is now available on ClearanceJobs - which is exactly what it sounds like - you can raise your hand as potentially interested in a position, with a single click.

On all ClearanceJobs job postings, you will now see a button that says “I’m Interested” in between the “Apply Now” and the “Save Job” buttons.

Support_Expressed Interest1

Once you click “I’m Interested”, the button will change to “You’re Interested”. This action will also notify the recruiter who has posted the corresponding job that you are interested in the posting.

Support_Expressed Interest2

To view all job postings you have expressed interest in, go to “Jobs” in the top menu, then select “Expressed Interest”. Here you will see a listing of all the job postings you have expressed interest in, along with the associated employer, the date you clicked expressed interest, and the status of the posting.

Support_Expressed Interest3

One final tip - if you are clicking “I’m Interested” on job postings, make sure your ClearanceJobs profile is up to date and ready for employers to view.