How Do I Make More Connections with Employers?

Learn how to leverage the power of the ClearanceJobs marketplace.

You posted your resume to ClearanceJobs, and now you’re ready for the job offers to start flooding in - what do you do if they aren’t? In today’s job market, networking is critical to making a career match. ClearanceJobs allows you to make a career match - not with a job and not just based on your skills - but through valuable connections. Here’s how to grow your network on ClearanceJobs.


Your new candidate dashboard will recommend employers who may be interested in your skills. Check out who has been recommended, and if you’re interested in their company or see any hiring needs that match your interests, make the connection. See which recruiters are involved in your Groups, and connect with employers posting jobs that are of interest. ClearanceJobs takes the anonymity out of the application process, and allows you to make valuable connections long before you apply.


We frequently give this same advice to employers, don’t worry. The temptation may be to make a connection with every employer you come across. But just as you have the option to connect with employers, employers can connect with you - and if you don’t have the skills they’re looking for or you spam them with questions they can’t help you with, they’ll likely remove you from their network. Do unto employers as you would have them do unto you.


You know that person at the party you can’t take your eyes off? Their eyes light up the room, they’re dressed to impress, and everyone wants to talk to them? If you build a complete profile with an amazing cover photo, awesome profile photo, Status Updates, preferences and other details - you’ll be that career professional. An employer may want to scroll past - but they simply won’t be able to resist the awesomeness of your profile.


If you haven’t updated your profile in months or weeks, you’re not going to look career minded to an employer. Employers can see the date you last logged in, so logging in daily is the best way to get employers to find you and for you to get noticed. Make your Status Updates engaging and conversational. Don’t just post about the types of positions you’re looking for, post about your weekend hobbies or topics you’re passionate about. Having great profile data makes you a professional employers will want to connect with.

In addition to reviewing your recommendations, check out your activity on your Dashboard. How many employers have you connected with? How many Groups are you in? If you’re not active, you may not be very interesting to a potential employer.


You have to give to get. Building connections online are like building connections in person. Be professional, but be personable, and employers will want to add you to their network.