How to Join a Group

Discover the benefits of joining Groups, and what Groups are available on ClearanceJobs.

ClearanceJobs Groups are niche groups within ClearanceJobs where company recruiters and security-cleared candidates can interact and discuss job opportunities. Candidates can only see/interact with employers and vice versa.


To join a Group, you must be registered as a candidate on ClearanceJobs. You must have a searchable profile to take advantage of the networking features on ClearanceJobs. There is no limit to the number of groups a candidate can join.

To join a group, browse ClearanceJobs Groups and toggle on the join button. You will be added to the group automatically, and can then browse and participate within the group.


Clearance & Polygraph Level

Cleared DoE Workers
Cleared TS/SCI – Midwest/SW
Cleared TS/SCI – Northeast
Cleared TS/SCI – Southeast
Cleared TS/SCI – West Coast
Cleared with Full-Scope Poly


Cleared in Alabama
Cleared in Arizona
Cleared in California
Cleared in Colorado
Cleared in DC Metro
Cleared in Florida
Cleared at Ft Meade
Cleared in Georgia
Cleared in Hawaii
Cleared in Huntsville
Cleared in Maryland
Cleared in Massachusetts
Cleared in North Carolina
Cleared in NY/NJ/PA
Cleared in Ohio
Cleared in the Pacific Northwest
Cleared in South Carolina
Cleared in St. Louis
Cleared in Texas
Cleared in Virginia
Cleared in Washington
Cleared in the Middle East
Cleared OCONUS
Cleared – Will Relo Midwest/SW
Cleared – Will Relo Northeast
Cleared – Will Relo OCONUS
Cleared – Will Relo Southeast
Cleared – Will Relo West Coast


Cleared Air Force
Cleared Army
Cleared Coast Guard Veterans
Cleared Marines
Cleared Navy
Cleared Space Force
Cleared Special Forces
Cleared Transitioning Military Members
Cleared Wounded Warriors

Experience & Skill

Cleared .NET Professionals
Cleared Administrative Professionals
Cleared Aerospace Pros
Cleared Artificial Intelligence Pros
Cleared AWS-Certified
Cleared Cisco Professionals
Cleared Cloud Computing Professionals
Cleared CompTIA-Certified
Cleared Construction Professionals
Cleared Contracts and Proposal Professionals
Cleared Creative Pros
Cleared Cybersecurity Pros
Cleared Database Pros
Cleared Data Scientists
Cleared Electrical Engineers
Cleared Entry Level Professionals
Cleared Executives
Cleared Federal Sales Professionals
Cleared Field Technicians
Cleared Finance/Accounting Pros
Cleared GIS/Geospatial Pros
Cleared Government Employees
Cleared Helpdesk/Servicedesk Pros
Cleared Intel Pros
Cleared Java/J2ee Pros
Cleared Law Enforcement Pros
Cleared Legal Professionals
Cleared Linguists
Cleared Logistics Pros
Cleared Mechanical Engineers
Cleared Medical Professionals
Cleared Microsoft-Certified
Cleared Network Admins
Cleared Operations Research
Cleared Procurement Pros
Cleared Project Managers
Cleared QA and Testing
Cleared Red Hat Professionals
Cleared Road Warriors
Cleared Security Professionals
Cleared Six Figure Jobs
Cleared Software Developers
Cleared Systems Engineers
Cleared Trainers / Instructors
Cleared Unmanned Pros
Cleared Web Developers


Cleared Minorities
Cleared Women
Cleared with Disability


Cleared Flexwork & Telework
Cleared Government Employees
Cleared Road Warriors
Cleared Start-up Lovers