How to Mute a Recruiter

Candidates can mute a recruiter on ClearanceJobs.

Most of the time, the messages you receive on ClearanceJobs are relevant and specific to you. Occasionally, a recruiter can miss the mark and you could receive messages that are unsolicited or irrelevant to you. We’ve taken your feedback, and candidates now have the ability to mute a recruiter.


The Mute Recruiter functionality will allow you to filter recruiters you no longer want to hear from. This includes direct messages and Broadcast Messages, as well as Pulse updates for a defined period of time that you select.

Once muted, you will not receive any form of notification for messages from that specific recruiter. However, messages sent to you from the muted recruiter will not be lost - they will appear in a new Muted folder in the Messages dropdown list. Once the muted time expires, the messages will appear back in the Messages inbox, and in Pulse.

There are two options to mute a recruiter. You can click “Mute Recruiter” from the ellipsis in Messages:

Support_Mute1You can also mute the recruiter by viewing their profile and selecting “Mute Recruiter” from the ellipsis:

Messages that have been sent to you will be stored in the new Muted folder located in the Message dropdown. This will ensure that you can retain the information should you choose to re-engage with the recruiter you muted.

Support_Mute3When you choose to mute a recruiter, you can select a period of time for which messages should be muted. Mute term options are: Indefinite, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. After the time frame has expired, the messages will be returned to your inbox.


You also have the ability to unmute a recruiter at any time, following the same steps as muting a recruiter, either from your Messages or the recruiter’s Profile. Simply click the ellipsis and select “Unmute Recruiter”. Once you have unmuted a recruiter, the following will happen:

  • All content that was not shown in Pulse will now show in your Pulse feed as normal
  • All messages that were previously stored in the Muted folder will be removed from that folder, and will be displayed in your Messages