How to use Live

Learn how to use Live and attend Streams within the ClearanceJobs community.

Live is a premier online livestreaming platform designed exclusively for the cleared community. Participating in Streams allows you to broaden your connections, delve into a specific idea or subject, or acquire new knowledge.

ClearanceJobs Live can be accessed from the ClearanceJobs mobile app for iOS! Live Streaming coming to the Android app soon.

To get to Live, simply click on the "Live" button in the top right portion of your screen.


Once you navigate to Live, you will see the Streams available, both Upcoming and Past.


All Streams are automatically saved and organized in the "Past" tab for easy access, allowing you to browse through and revisit past events at your convenience.


Within the "Upcoming" tab, you can explore the events scheduled to take place soon. These events are sorted by start time, so that those starting first are displayed at the top for easy access. Click "Learn More" on an event you are interested in, and you will find the event details.


If you are interesting in attending, click the blue "Attend Livestream" button found in the middle of the page. You will see the button change from blue to white, indicating that you are now attending the event.


Next to the now white "Attending" button, you will see the ellipsis button, where you can click to find a drop-down to either share the event or add it to your calendar. If you add it to your calendar, you will have the option to add it to your Google, Outlook, or iCal calendars.



The event will now show under "Your Streams" so you can easily find Streams you have RSVPed to attend.


ClearanceJobs Live works best on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

By clicking on "Learn More" for the event, you can discover the host of the Stream, their associated employer, and any additional links they have included for the event. Additionally, a countdown to the event's start time will be visible, allowing you to prepare for the upcoming livestream.


Now, all you need to do is wait for the Stream to go live! You will receive a reminder email 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, as well as any calendar reminders you may have set up. Within the Stream, you can join the chat to engage with the Host or Co-Hosts, along with anyone else who is attending the Stream.


Once the Stream concludes, the replay will be available in the "Past" tab along with all other past Streams.

We hope you enjoy connecting within the ClearanceJobs community using Live!