What is IntelliSearch?

Learn what IntelliSearch does, and how to use this powerful tool to your advantage.

IntelliSearch is a job search tool available to all candidates who have uploaded a resume, or have a resume to copy and paste into the search field. Rather than just relying on keywords, IntelliSearch uses a phrase, sentence or entire document as the query to find the most relevant information.


Rather than you having to type in a variety of keywords or search for the perfect job title, IntelliSearch pulls in all of the profile data from your candidate profile and resume – then delivers up the best defense and intelligence jobs, specific to you. Because of that, you may see job titles and even highlighted key phrases that aren’t in your usual job search. The key to taking advantage of the intuitive searching of IntelliSearch is to have a very completed resume and profile. You need at least 500 words in your resume for the IntelliSearch bot to do its magic. The more complete your profile is, the better.


Just click ‘Jobs’ in the top browser bar, then select ‘Advanced Search’. Click the IntelliSearch tab at the top, then let IntelliSearch do the work and deliver up the best defense and intelligence jobs based on your resume. When you perform an IntelliSearch you will see a relevancy score that shows how perfect of a fit the job is before you apply. The higher the number, the better your resume and experience match the job requirements.


If IntelliSearch is delivering some unexpected results, it might be time to re-tool your resume. If IntelliSearch is not finding what you think it should, there is a good chance employers are not finding you either. Spend some time scanning position descriptions for the types of jobs you’re most interested in, and make sure your resume reflects that. Also, if IntelliSearch delivers up some surprising job results, don’t hesitate to take a look. Because IntelliSearch is intuitively searching your resume, it may see skills in your military or civilian job experience that are a great fit for some surprising occupations.