6 Ways ClearanceJobs Reduces Time to Fill

How ClearanceJobs helps companies find cleared talent.

Talk to recruiters and there is one pain point that never goes away – time to fill. In an ultra-competitive hiring market, it’s not just important to be able to find and attract the best talent – you have to be able to onboard them quickly – or they’ll move onto their next opportunity.

When it comes to the sourcing and candidate selection process, ClearanceJobs is here to help. We have the best secure networking tools out there to help match you to great talent – and the new ClearanceJobs makes it all even better. Here are six ways the new ClearanceJobs reduces your time to fill.

1. You know candidates are already cleared.

What sets ClearanceJobs apart? A lot of things, but there is one area where literally no one can compare – access to already cleared candidates. If you need professionals to go to work with the right clearance on Day One, there is no other place.

“I tell people all of the time – if you’re looking for people who need clearance, you have to be on ClearanceJobs,” said Jan Johnston Osburn, recruiter and career coach. Why? On ClearanceJobs, you know the candidates you’re connected with have a clearance. Not just that, you can also search by clearance level, and see clearance data up front.

2. IntelliSearch™: The World’s Best Candidate Search

Whether it’s a position description or a resume for the perfect candidate, with IntelliSearch, you can copy, paste, and have the best talent delivered to you. IntelliSearch uses the same cutting-edge technology the intelligence community relies on to help it find the needle in the haystack when it comes to critical data – and it can help you fill a critical hire faster.

“My favorite feature is IntelliSearch,” said Maria Whitney, senior recruiter at Smartronix. “IntelliSearch allows us to bring on a new recruiter and have them hit the ground running…they’re able to take the work that we’ve built through the job description, plug it into ClearanceJobs, and find candidates right away.”

3. Best in Class Data Visualization

The new ClearanceJobs displays candidate data better than ever. Decreasing time to hire depends on being able to find great talent faster. When you search for candidates on ClearanceJobs, you can immediately see the most important things – their clearance information, desired salary, ability to relocate and when they last logged into the site.

4. Better Candidate Ranking

With a quick search, your ClearanceJobs profile displays the best candidates, with the right clearances, in an easy-to-understand way. Even better – the site will show you how close of a match the candidate is. You don’t have to wonder if the candidate meets most of your criteria or only a few – IntelliSearch ranks and displays your candidates with right-fit in mind.

“It’s a lot easier to see all of the candidate’s data and personal information,” said Kyle Blackburn, senior director, Procession Systems. “I think that the new functionalities and features really improve our ability to find candidates at a much quicker pace.”

5. Chat

Recruiters today need to be able to make connections quickly when talent is online – and Chat makes that easier than ever. If you see a candidate is online, or has ‘liked’ your content or engaged with you through the ClearanceJobs networking features, you can instantly initiate a Chat. A ClearanceJobs recruiter recently used Chat to connect with a candidate – and make a hire- within days.

“I connected with someone within minutes of them joining the site. He was in Afghanistan, and we immediately began using the instant messaging function,” said Peggy, a recruiter with IDSI. “I got his resume, reviewed it, and showed it to the hiring manager - all within about 20 minutes. He had his first interview within 20 hours, we made the offer the next day, and he accepted the position.”

6. Pipeline = Rediscovery

One of the best ways to reduce time to hire is by eliminating a transactional approach to finding and attracting talent. And that is what the new ClearanceJobs is all about. ClearanceJobs stopped being a job board in 2010. What is the site? A marketplace connecting the best cleared talent with the best defense companies. The tools on the new ClearanceJobs – from company and recruiter profiles to Message, the hub for all of your talent pipelining messages – help you do what is most important in this market – stay continually connected with your talent pool.

A transactional approach to hiring won’t allow you to fill your req’s quickly enough, particularly in this market. But the suite of tools, quality of candidates and enhanced capability of the new ClearanceJobs ensure you’re able to connect with – and hire – talent more quickly than ever.