BrandAmp Best Practices

How to set up and leverage BrandAmp for your company.

Company branding is important - that’s why you added BrandAmp to your subscription. Below are recommendations on making the most of this service to set your company apart from the competition.

Below is a sample job posting with BrandAmp. Portions that are highlighted are included with BrandAmp: blue indicates BrandAmp and BrandAmp Lite, yellow indicates full BrandAmp only. Everything else is standard with any job posting.


Let’s start with the elements that need to be submitted by you. All images should be original JPEG or PNG files, rather than screenshots, with a minimum 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Images can be updated at any time. Any questions or change requests should be directed to

Note that the logo will appear in a circular frame that could cause parts of the image to be cut off. If that is the case, consider leaving a few pixels of white space around your logo, but still sized at 400x400.


You’ll need two versions of your Banner Image.
Desktop: 1440x340
Mobile: 375x245
We highly recommend this solely be an image without words or additional logos as your own company logo and job posting header appear within the Banner Image (see top image with full job posting for reference). Keep in mind that as the page resizes, portions of the image may be cuff off to avoid pixilation.


Encourage candidates to follow your company on social media. You can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and one other.


If you have already produced a company video that gives candidates a look at what your company does, or what it’s like to work there, this is the place to promote it. We’ll need the title of the video and its embedded URL. We can assist if you are unsure of how to create the embedded link. Note: we are only able to support YouTube and Vimeo videos at this time.


Find the YouTube Video online and right-click on the image
Select “Copy Embed Code”
Paste the copied embed code into another window
Only include the part of the code in quotes that begins with https:


Click the “Share” Arrow
Click “Show More Options”
UNCHECK “Portrait,” “Title”, and “Byline”
Also UNCHECK any options under “Special Stuff”
Copy the URL that is generated in the Embed Section
Paste the copied URL into another window
Only include the part of the code in quotes that begins with https:


Tell candidates about your company in 1,000 characters: What is your mission? Who do you do business with? You can include HTML that links to URLs and email addresses, if you wish.


Showcase two different ads that your company has created. Both of these ads can include a hyperlink. You can choose to have two of the same ad, if you wish.


The following modules are automatically included, nothing to do on your end:

  • The actual job description
  • Network Employers (encourage all of your users to include a profile photo, at the very minimum)
  • Links to all of your company’s jobs broken down by location, job category, and clearance level

Use BrandAmp to its fullest and you’ll paint a full picture of who your company is, why candidates would want to work for you, and what they would be doing. The more elements you provide, the more robust your job posting(s) will be.