Communicating with Candidates

Easily send messages or initiate Voice calls on ClearanceJobs.

There are several ways recruiters can communicate with candidates on ClearanceJobs.



All communications are now in one place.

  1. From a candidate's profile, click on the chat bubble at the top and send them a message.
  2. From any page, click on the chat bubble next to your profile picture/name. Click “New Message” and follow the prompts from there.

When you send a message, the candidate will be notified via their ClearanceJobs Inbox upon their next login (located in the upper right corner of the screen), and they’ll also receive a text, if signed up for notifications.


From your Resume Search results page, when you see a green phone icon next to the Connect(ed) box, it means they are logged in and available for Voice.

To initiate a live Voice Over IP conversation with them, click the green phone icon. Candidates will not see you live over Voice, nor will you see them.


To communicate with larger groups of targeted candidates, send Broadcast Messages.

Detailed instructions on sending Broadcast Messages can be found here.