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Podcast: How to Make the Most of Broadcast Messages

Use Broadcast Messages to engage your talent pipeline and keep your brand top of mind.

Broadcast Messages are one of the best tools you can take advantage of to keep your talent pipeline engaged and your employer and recruiter brand top of mind. But don’t take our word for it. We recently interviewed Maria Whitney, senior recruiter at Smartronix, and one of the most active and engaged recruiters on ClearanceJobs.com.

Listen to this short, 10 minute podcast to get quick tips on how to improve your broadcast messages and increase your response.


Here are a few quick answers to your top Broadcast Message questions.

How often do you send Broadcast Messages?

“I don’t like to leave large gaps, but I also don’t want to over spam, so I try to keep it relevant, concise, and brief information,” said Whitney, who notes she makes sure to send messages at least every quarter. When she doesn’t have a topic top of mind, she will send a message about something like updates to the company’s website, or recently awarded contracts.

How important is it to target the right audience?

“Targeting the proper audience is probably the most vital,” said Whitney. “I try to keep it relevant to the proper audience because it’s going to lead to the best results.”

Whitney breaks down her Broadcast Messages by:

  • Demographics - type of person – industry, clearance type, skills

  • Region - location of the position or event

  • Clearance - clearance level of the position

“Targeting the right audience is probably the most vital thing we can do,” reiterated Whitney.

What makes a good Broadcast Message?

Whitney noted that a good message is ‘concise, brief, but informative.’ Messages are not just about filling a specific slot, but helping advance the company name and branding. Consistency is also key - your Broadcast Messages should aim to target and support your recruiting goals, noted Whitney.

Should your Broadcast Message include a link?

A link is one critical element of the information you should include. A good message also clarifies how to connect with the recruiter.

What should you expect from a Broadcast Message?

“Any response is a good response,” said Whitney - you know the message was read and connected with the candidate. You’re “building that bridge and connection,” she notes.

“You want to build that relationship, that rapport, not just ‘here’s my job, apply,’” advises Whitney.