Posting a New Job

A step-by-step guide to posting a job on ClearanceJobs.

Visit to add new job postings, or to edit/delete existing job postings. To view jobs only posted by you, check the “Show only my Jobs” box.


Click “New Job Post” and our Job Posting Wizard will appear to step you through how to create a new posting. After finishing each section, you may either hit “Continue,” “Previous,” or save the job as a draft.

Not all fields are required, but try to include as much detail as possible to ensure the right candidates are viewing your position.


Job Name

The Job Name is what candidates will see when they find your job posting. Choose something that doesn’t include internal jargon. Example: Business Analyst instead of Business Analyst IV. This is a required field.

Job Category Best Fit

When candidates are looking through job postings, they can search by Job Category. Make sure you choose the closest fitting Job Category 11 for the position to ensure qualified candidates will know if your position is right for them – and select it for the Job Category Best Fit Field. This is a required field.

Select if this position will require the candidate to work on-site (in an office), off-site (telecommute) or no preference if it doesn’t matter where they do their work in the Workplace Type field.

Job Location

Select the Country the position is located in for the Country field. The default is United States.

Enter the Postal Code to choose which city the position is located in. This is a required field.

Other Criteria

Select the desired level of experience that the ideal candidate would have for the Minimum Experience Needed. Choose from Student (undergraduate/graduate), Entry Level (less than two years of experience), Early Career (2+ years of experience), Mid Level Career (5+ years of experience), Senior Level Career (10+ years of experience), Management (Manager/Director of Staff), Executive (SVP, EVP, or VP) or Senior Executive (President, CEO).

For the Job Type, select if this posting is for an Employee (full time), Contractor/Consultant (contract), Seasonal, or an Intern/Entry Level position.


Clearance Level Required

Select the clearance level required for your position: Unspecified, DoE Q or L, Dept. of Homeland Security, Public Trust, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret/SCI or Intel Agency (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.).

Additional Clearance Notes

If your position requires something in addition to the clearance level you listed in the above category, list that here. Example: With Full Scope Poly.

Polygraph Required
Toggle on if a Polygraph is required, or leave off if no Polygraph is needed. If you toggle the Polygraph requirement on, a dropdown menu to specify Polygraph Type will appear. Select which Polygraph is required.


Job Code

The Job Code is something that you provide to ClearanceJobs to be able to track a particular job posting.

Travel Requirement

Choose the amount of travel that is required for this position.

Total Yearly Compensation

Choose the salary range being offered for your position.

Job Description

Enter your job description without any HTML tags. If you prefer, you can upload this if you have a Word or PDF document already to go. Simply click the blue “Upload Job Description” button and follow the prompts.


Highlight Job Post

Highlight make your job more prominently appear in the job search results to attract additional attention from candidates.


Job Application Method

You may choose one of three ways to receive job applications: Via ClearanceJobs, Via URL, or Via Email.

Via ClearanceJobs : All candidate applications will remain on the ClearanceJobs site and you will receive a daily email with any unread applications.

Via URL : All candidates will be redirected to the URL you specify in the space below. Keep in mind that you will not be notified by ClearanceJobs when this apply method is used, however, you can require that the candidate applying be a registered ClearanceJobs user by checking that box.

Via Email – An email with the applicant’s full resume will be delivered to the email address you list. You may choose what you want the email subject to be for your own tracking purposes, however this option doesn’t allow for any tracking through ClearanceJobs. You can also choose to include resume attachments by checking that box.

Contact Information on Job Posting

Your job posting will have the following contact information included: Company Name, Company Zip Code, Company City, Company State and the Employer’s Name. Alternatively, you can select “Make this job posting anonymous (removes all contact and company info)” if you wish.

Once you have completed the fields, you can either click “Save Job” to save it for later, or “Post Job” to have it appear on the site within 30 minutes.


To make changes to a job that you have already posted, locate the job by name by visiting On the far right from the Job Title, there is a drop down menu. Select “Edit Job Post.” This will take you back into the Job Posting Wizard you used to first create the job posting. Make any necessary changes and then click “Update Job.”


To close a job that you no longer want to appear on, locate the job by name by visiting On the far right from the Job Title, there is a drop down menu. Select “Close Job.” This will remove the selected job posting from All Closed Jobs will appear under the “Closed” tab of your Job Posts page.


To re-post a job that you previously closed, visit and click on the “Closed Jobs” tab. On the far right from the Job Title, there is a drop down menu. Select “Copy Job Post”. This will create a copy of the job and require you to enter a new Job Title. Once you’ve updated everything necessary, click “Post Job” and it will appear live on ClearanceJobs within 30 minutes.


To see who has applied for your job posting, visit and look at the number listed under “Total Apps.” If that number is red, it means candidates who applied did so via ClearanceJobs and you are able to view their profiles. This will only be possible if you set your Job Application Method to “Via URL.”