Setting Up My Company Profile

Find information about setting up and updating your Company Profile on ClearanceJobs.

Having an active account with ClearanceJobs allows your company to brand itself and provide candidates with a range of information about your company.

Your Company Profile gives candidates a snapshot as to who you are, what you do, and why they might want to work there. When candidates see your profile has been updated, they know you are actively hiring and/or building a pipeline of candidates.

Security-cleared candidates can choose to follow your Company Profile to learn more and keep current. To attract followers, make sure to keep your profile fresh.

Remember: To edit your Company Profile, you must be logged into the parent company account. From your profile, click on the name of your company, then you can edit the profile accordingly.


There two photos included on your Company Profile: your company logo and a cover photo (the horizontal photo at the top of your Company Profile.) To update either, hover over the image and click the camera icon. From there, click “Change Photo". If you prefer, you may use a ready-made cover photo found in the library within the editor. If you are having trouble getting a photo uploaded, email it to and we’ll take care of it for you. Cover photo dimensions are 1170 x 150 pixels, and 375 x 245 pixels for the mobile cover photo.

Aside from the photos, there are five other sections that you are able to edit on your Company Profile: About, Cover Photo URL, Benefits, and Links. To update any of these sections, click on the pencil icon available throughout the profile.

Enter a short description of your company (what your company does, specializes in, hiring information, history, etc.), up to 500 characters.

Cover Photo URL
Your cover photo is the horizontal photo at the top of your Company Profile page. When a candidate clicks on that photo, they can be taken to an external link. This would normally be your company’s website. Click the camera icon that appears when you hover over your cover photo and click “Add Link”.

Select any of the benefits your company offers and those will appear highlighted on your Company Profile, allowing candidates to easily see what perks you have.

You may showcase up to ten external links. Enter the link and it’s description in the boxes and click Save. Suggested links include your homepage, Facebook page or any YouTube videos your company has posted or been featured in.

The remaining sections of your Company Profile are automatically completed based on your company’s job postings and recruiter activities.