Setting Up Your Employer Profile

A detailed walkthrough of setting up your employer profile on ClearanceJobs.

Your Employer Profile on ClearanceJobs shows candidates who you are and who they are connecting with. Having your Employer Profile completed to at least 80% makes you more likely to receive responses from security-conscious cleared candidates. Only logged-in cleared candidates will have access to your Employer Profile.

Upon logging into, you will automatically be taken to your Employer Profile page. There are two photos on this page, along with several other sections to complete.


To add or change a photo, hover over the photo you’d like to upload, and a Camera icon will appear. Click the icon and select “Change Photo”. From there you can upload a picture stored on your computer or one of several other places: OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. Alternatively, you can choose a photo from a Web search or take a picture using your webcam (choose Take Photo).

After selecting where your photo will upload from, follow the prompts. For example: if you choose “My Computer,” you can either drag your file from your folders, or select “Choose File.” Locate the photo you wish to upload and select “Open.” After your photo appears, click “Save.”

If you have any issues uploading your photo, simply send it to and we’ll take care of it for you.

Profile Photo
We support a square image with a 10MB limit, a minimum of 400x400 is preferred. It’s best to choose a picture of yourself, or an avatar that resembles you to gain the trust of cleared candidates.

Cover Photo
Cover Photos should be 1170 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. The Mobile Cover Photo option should be 375 pixels wide by 245 pixels tall. Choose an image that represents your company, or that shows off your personality. You may upload your own photos, or you can choose a photo from the gallery provided within the photo editor.

Cover Photo URL

Your cover photo is the horizontal photo at the top of your Company Profile page. When a candidate clicks on that photo, they can be taken to an external link. This would normally be your company’s website. To add or update the link, click the camera icon that appears when you hover over the image and select “Add Link” if you do not have a link already, or “Edit Link” to change the link you have assigned to your cover photo. Input the link you desire, and click “Save Changes”.


To update any of the other profile sections, click the edit icon found throughout your Employer Profile. This will allow you to update the section you selected to edit.

Header Information

In order to edit the information in the header of your profile, click the box labeled “Edit Profile”. Here, you can edit your Job Title and Work Location. Click save changes to save.

About Me & Contact Information

Share your industry or company experience, what your role is or what makes you tick in 200 or less characters in the Description Box. You can also edit your Contact Information here. Your Contact Information is hidden from candidates until you connect with them. No other employers can view your contact information at any time. Your profile exists solely on ClearanceJobs, and will not be seen on any other sites or search engines.

Complete your Work Email (required), Office Number, and Mobile Number. Once you have entered your Mobile Number, you can choose to opt-in to receive text messages in relation to your account. You can also decide whether or not to display each of these three pieces of information on your profile by toggling the bar next to each item to Public or Private. Then hit “Save Changes.”

Status Updates

Status Updates are one of the first things a candidate will look at when viewing your Employer Profile. Use this section to share what you’re doing, thinking about, working on, etc. and update it frequently. All of your current and past Status Updates can be found under the “Status Updates” tab in the middle of your profile. You can choose a Status Update to "pin" to the top of your profile to keep that specific update front and center for cleared candidates to view.

Click the box that says “What’s new?” and enter your text, up to 250 characters. You may also include a link and/or a photo. Example: ABC Company was just awarded a new contract, looking to fill ten new positions ASAP, then link to the news story or your careers page. Once you’re finished, click “Post Update.”

You may have as many Status Updates as you wish, and can delete them at any time by clicking the widget to the right of the message and then “Delete.”

Hiring Needs

Hiring Needs are not your job postings on, but rather a quick glance at what hiring needs you currently have or what you plan to have at a later date. Candidates viewing your Hiring Needs can ‘like’ them.

Choose whether your need is Hiring Now, Ongoing Need, or for a Future Need. Next, enter a short description – up to 65 characters. You can also include an informational link to either your job posting on or on your company’s website. Finally, click “Create Hiring Need”.

Current hiring needs have a red icon, ongoing needs have a green icon, and future needs will show a blue icon.


Display any hiring events, job fairs, open houses or other events you are hosting or attending. To create an event, select the calendar icon in your status update box. Required fields are the date, start/end time, name, and a link URL. Once you’ve filled out all of the required event information, you can choose to post the event to two Groups as well. Click “Create New Event” when you’re finished. Once the date has passed, it will automatically be removed from your Event Calendar.


Share any links you’d like interested candidates to see: your company website, your careers page on your website, any news coverage your company might have had, etc within your status updates. If your company wants to share a list of URLs, you can do so on your Company Profile.


There are two other sections on your Employer Profile that pull from your activity on ClearanceJobs. There is no pencil icon located within these sections as you are not able to edit them.

Group Membership

Any Groups you have joined will appear in the Group Membership section.

Recent Activity

Whether you’ve added new connections, joined a new Group, updated your profile, or added a new photo, all of your recent activity will appear here.