Setting Your Email and Text Message Preferences

How to customize the messages you receive from ClearanceJobs.

There are several different emails and text messages you can choose to opt-in to or opt-out of. Once you have logged in, visit, and you’ll see what your current preferences are set to. Next to each email message subscription option, there is a toggle you can turn on or off to subscribe or unsubscribe. The email messages you are opted in to will show green with a check mark on the toggle.


Career Intel – Advice, job search and military transition assistance to help you launch a new career or strengthen the one you have. (monthly)

The Cleared Brief – A full-bodied shot of nothing but the latest security clearance news and policy changes. (twice a month)

ClearanceJobs Retrievers – Custom resume search agents you create to alert you to candidates who fit your search criteria. (as needed)

New Inbox Message – Notifications from your Messages when a candidate requests a connection, or responds to you. (real time)

Your Network Update – A recap of your activity from the previous week. (weekly)


New Message in Inbox – Notifications from your Messages when you receive an update in your inbox.

Content Like – Learn when a candidate likes any of your posted profile content.