Using ClearanceJobs Voice

Connect with candidates quickly and easily through Voice calls.

ClearanceJobs Voice allows employers to talk with cleared candidates on ClearanceJobs instantly through your computer, laptop or any device – no phones or phone lines required.

Learn how ClearanceJobs Voice can benefit your cleared recruiting efforts.


How does Voice work?

Click on the Voice icon. A call will be generated over IP. The candidate either answers or ignores the call. If the call is ignored, they will select a reason to be displayed to the employer.
Any computer with sound and speakers should work. The use of a headset is recommended.

You’ll need to use either Chrome or Firefox for your browser.

What will the candidates see when I call?

The candidate will see your profile picture, name, title and company – so if you don’t have a profile picture, now is the time to add one. Seeing your face instead of an anonymous image will go a long way toward gaining the trust of security-cleared candidates.

Can candidates see me live?

No, this is strictly an audio call. You can Voice someone from the comfort of your living room and no one will be the wiser.

What do I hear or see if a candidate ignores my call?

You’ll get a notification, which includes the reason why your call was ignored.

Can I leave a message if the candidate ignores the call?

No. Voice messaging is not available.

Will I be able to keep track of who I Voiced?

Yes, it will display on your Recent Activity on the Cleared Network page, including the name of the candidate and date Voice was attempted.

Can candidates Voice me?

No, only employers can make a Voice call to candidates.

Can I make more than one Voice call at a time?

No, you may only be on one Voice call at a time.