Product Release - Banana Bread: August 2020

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What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is named “Banana Bread.”


We have added reporting around Broadcast Messaging for the Employers, Admin Users, and Executive Users. This report will be downloadable and will have a layout similar to the Usage Report. The report has the date selector to look at various time frames and includes:

  • Recruiter - Recruiter Name (displayed on any user with rolled up reporting permission or an Executive user).
  • Sent - Date/time sent
  • Message - Message name
  • Recipients - How many recipients
  • Read - How many have been read
  • Replies - Responses
  • Attachment - Attachments Y/N
  • Image - Images Y/N
  • Text - Contents of message text

Note that this report can be run for statistics on any broadcast message sent prior to the creation of this report.



We have added a new PPV summary report. Previously, a user had to pull a single report for each month to acquire the monthly statistics. This was a laborious process. Now the user can run a single report for a defined date range to get each monthly job statistics.

  • Month
  • Total Jobs
  • Total Views
  • Total Applications