Product Release - Lemon Bars: August 2019

See the newest upgrades to the ClearanceJobs site.

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called “Lemon Bars”


The ability to see candidates that have been viewed or connected with by co-workers within the company is a common request that we have now addressed. Previously, the only shared information were the candidate notes and the optional resume alerts. We’ve expanded the shared data to include views and connections.


You are now able to exclude candidates in one of two ways: “Viewed by me” or “Viewed by my company.” The system will exclude any candidate that has been viewed in the last 12 months by yourself or your company. The feature, however, comes with the danger of missing out on candidates that have updated their profile since the last time the profile was viewed. Use with caution!



The viewed icon is displayed if you or another co-worker has viewed the candidate in the last 12 months. When hovering over the icon, the names of the active recruiters will appear.

The colored sidebars to the left of the candidate are now updated to reflect views for the last 12 months:

  • Blue Bar: no one from your company has viewed the profile.
  • Yellow Bar: a co-worker from your company has viewed the profile, but you have not.
  • No Bar: you have viewed the profile.

A new connected icon will display to show if a co-worker is connected to the candidate. You can hover over the icon to show who is connected.



The Notes section of the candidate profile was updated to show a log of all Profile Views and active Connections to other ACTIVE recruiters in the company. Activity for inactive recruiters will not be displayed.


When emailing the profile, Notes, Views and Connections are always included. The toggle to include Notes has been removed as a result.


Under “Your Recommendations” a new section has been added: “Candidates connected to your co-workers.”



Remote/Telecommute has been added as an optional filter for Broadcast Messages. This update ties back to the willingness to work remotely portion of the candidate profile.