Product Release - Sangria: January 2020

See the newest upgrades to the ClearanceJobs site.

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called “Sangria.” 


IntelliSearch™ for Jobs is back! The Advanced Job Search page has been updated to include the ability to run an IntelliSearch. Similar to the resume Intellisearch, users can search based on the candidates own resume or a job description. The user can refine the search results by location, radius, company name, clearance, polygraph, and industry. As with any job search, the user is able to save an IntelliSearch as a future job alert.



To streamline the alert process for Employers, we have added the ability to create an IntelliSearch Resume Alert during the job posting process. Please note:

  • This is only available for MANUAL job postings.
  • The alert created will use IntelliSearch technology.
  • The create Resume Alert is defaulted on and a name for the Resume Alert is required. If the alert is not needed, the toggle can be toggled off on a job-by-job basis.
  • This feature is only available when creating a new job. The toggle will not be seen on the edit of an existing job.
  • If a user wants to create an alert for an existing job, they can add the alert from the Job Posts page by clicking the ellipsis, selecting IntelliSearch and saving the search from the results page.
  • The resume alert will be automatically created to include the clearance of the job and the location of the job with a 50 mile radius. If the user would like to update the defaults of the resume alert, they are able to update the alert at any time through the Resume Alert edit process.
  • If the job is edited, the resume alert will NOT automatically be edited. The user will need to update the alert through the Resume Alert edit process.
  • If a job is closed, the resume alert will NOT be automatically closed. This is done intentionally as we know that customers may be managing their inventory while still sourcing for a closed job. If the user wants to turn off the resume alert, they must do so from the Resume Alerts Edit process.
  • The resume alert will default to run every day. If the user wants to change the frequency of the alert send, they can modify this in the Resume Alert edit process.



With the growing availability of jobs that are telecommute, many customers have been forced to select a location for a job even if the job was remote/telecommute. We have updated the location options for all jobs to include a Remote/Telecommute option. This update will affect both manually posted jobs and automated jobs through bot and batch. Key notes:

  • Employers can select Remote/Telecommute in place of a specific location. This selection will not allow for an additional City, State, Zip Code or Country when remote/telecommute is selected.
  • The Bot/Batch process has been updated to include the Remote/Telecommute. Please refer to the documentation on



In order to match candidates to remote/telecommute jobs, we have added a selection on the candidate profile for candidates to identify if they are open for remote positions. This new feature will take some time to populate and recruiters are encouraged to continue to explore candidates that do not have a Remote/Telecommute selection.



The Remote/Telecommute option has been added as a location option for Job Search. This is available on the Home Page job search as well as the Advanced Job Search. Additionally, the Remote Telecommute has been added as a filter to refine searches.

The Remote/Telecommute option has NOT been added to the Resume Search as we build the information in the seeker profiles. This will be coming in a future release.



Polygraph identification on jobs has been a wish of many recruiters! Being able to search by polygraph has been a wish for many candidates! The process is now made easier by updating the job posting process to identify a polygraph and filters have been added on the Create Job page to include Polygraph options. There are four options for selection: Unspecified, None, CI Scope, Full Scope.



Direct Message input box

You asked and we listened. When typing a Direct Message the user can now see their entire message without having to scroll.


IntelliSearch on Detailed Job View Similar Jobs

Find Jobs Like This has been added to the bottom of the Similar Jobs section of the Detailed Job View. This button will run an IntelliSearch™ based on the job that the candidate is currently viewing. Since a user must be logged into run IntelliSearch™, this button will only be available to logged in users.