Product Release - Wasabi: March 2020

See the newest upgrades to the ClearanceJobs site.

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called WASABI! 


The Executive User allows companies to have a user(s) who can run high level reports and send broadcast messages on behalf of a user. When a user is an Executive User, they will not have rights to view resumes or have interaction with a candidate. A user can NOT be a recruiter AND an Executive User.

The Executive User can send broadcast messages on behalf of recruiters in their company.

  • Each message can be sent on behalf of a maximum of 5 recruiters.
  • The message can only be sent if the recruiter has message credits left.
  • Messages can only be sent on someone else’s behalf, Executive Users don’t have their own bank of credits.
  • The audience, filters, and message are the same for all recruiters selected.
  • Executive Users will not be allowed to send messages to a recruiters Tags.

Additional business rules:

  • Executive User will NOT have resume search permissions, direct message capabilities or their own profile.
  • Executive User can update jobs on behalf of other recruiters in their group. Remember: If a job is automatically posted through a bot or a batch, these updates will be overwritten when the next feed runs. Updating jobs should be done only to manually posted jobs.
  • Executive User has Full Access Reporting permission.
  • Executive User can update the company profile.

Who is a good fit for an Executive User: Anyone who is currently needing access to the site for administrative purposes. While there is no charge for this user, please use discretion when assigning out these roles.

Identify an Executive User on contracts the same way you would previously identify an Admin user.


We have updated the characters used in the temporary passwords to exclude the following characters, which have caused issues in the past: <, >, o, O, 0, i, I, l, L and 1.


If a customer sends a Broadcast message with only Tags selected for Audience, then the filters will not be required. Most times the addition of filters with Tags narrows the search too far and eliminates almost all, if not all, candidates.


Filter update

“Posted Within” has been updated to “Resume Age” which better describes the criteria.