Product Release - Okoboji: March 2023

See the newest upgrades to the ClearanceJobs site.

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is named Okoboji.


Expressed Interest is a new option for candidates who don't have the time or desire to formally apply for jobs via an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), but instead want to let the company know that they are interested in the opening.

All job postings now have an “I’m Interested” button in-between the “Apply Now” and “Save Job” buttons.

Support_Expressed Interest1

Candidate Functionality

After clicking the button updates to “You’re Interested” so the candidate knows they’ve already expressed interest.

Support_Expressed Interest2

An Expressed Interest tab has been added to the Jobs section that will display all of the jobs that candidate expressed interest in.


Employer Functionality
Through Candidate Search, you can view all candidates who have expressed interest in one of your job postings via the Expressed Interest checkbox in the Audience Selection.

All search capabilities can be used with this Audience Selection and recruiters can save a search to have new Expressed Interest candidate alerts sent to them via email. There is a breadcrumb for the Expressed Interest audience.


On the Search Results page, there is a waving hand icon to indicate which candidates have expressed interest in your jobs.


In the Notes section of the candidate’s profile, a tab for Expressed Interest has been added. This will display the recruiter’s jobs that the candidate has expressed interested in - and when.


A new column on the Jobs page indicates the number of candidates who have expressed interest in each of a recruiter’s job postings. When clicked, a new page dedicated to the candidates who expressed interest in that particular job will appear.


From this page, recruiters can send a Broadcast Message, create a new Workflow, Tag All Candidates, or Connect with All Candidates.