Product Release - Spring 2023

New updates to ClearanceJobs from Spring 2023.

What has ClearanceJobs released lately? Several items to note:


The ability to forward a candidate’s resume as part of a Workflow action has been added. Recruiters may forward the resume to up to five email addresses. The forwarded resume will be a generic email without the ability to add a personalized note and the subject line will read “Workflow Resume - {Workflow Name}” like the current Workflow notifications.


Recruiters may also add a personalized note to the candidate’s profile as part of a Workflow. This note is only viewable to the recruiter/employer - the candidate will not know that there is a note.


The number of Workflows that can be activated simultaneously has been increased from ten to twenty.


Both recruiters and candidates now have the ability to pin a single post to the top of their Status Updates section of their profile. Only one update can be pinned at a time and the pin will ONLY appear on their personal profile. The post will remain pinned until a different post is pinned, or the pin is manually removed. To pin a post, click the ellipsis in the post and then “Pin Post.”


Appearing at the top, the pinned post will be labeled as “Pinned Post” with a pin icon and green border on the left side to draw attention. The ability to unpin the post is also in the ellipsis drop down of the pinned post.


If a Status Update is already pinned, there will be a message asking if the user would like to replace the current pinned post.



With the rise of remote work due to the pandemic, we’ve updated all instances of “telecommute” to “hybrid” as the type of work split between in the office and remote. This was a text-only change and nothing will need to be updated by users in their Saved Searches, Workflows, etc.


To better keep track of your top candidates, we’ve increased the number you can “favorite” at one time to 15, up from 10 previously. Learn more about Favorites.