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Reinstating a clearance after leaving a job

How a security clearance can be reinstated.

A clearance may be reinstated after leaving a job, even if an individual has been fired. If the background investigation is still current, the clearance can be reinstated by the agency that originally granted the clearance. It can also be accepted and granted by a different agency, provided there hasn’t been a break-in-service of two years or more. This usually only entails the submission of a new application and a favorable review of the application by the clearance granting authority.

If you’re fired or leave a position involuntarily, it is important to inquire with your security officer to see if your security clearance has been flagged, or if any incidents have been recorded in the security clearance system of record. When you’re terminated, you’re separated from the security clearance system of record. If you’re terminated for cause, your security officer generally submits an Incident Report describing the reason for termination, if your termination relates to one of the thirteen Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information.

If you do have a flag placed in your file, your clearance may fall under a ‘Loss of Jurisdiction’ status. Your clearance may still be reinstated, but your new employer will need to work with you to address the issues before you regain eligibility to access classified information.