5 Reasons Recruiters Love the New ClearanceJobs

When we redesigned our site at the end of last year, we wanted to create the best, most helpful tool for recruiters. To make sure we did it right, we surveyed recruiters on how you like the new ClearanceJobs.com. You gave us some great feedback. Here are five of the reasons you gave us for why you love our new site.

1. It’s easy to use.

Of the recruiters we surveyed, 77% said that they “Mostly like” or “Really like” the functionality of our new platform. WOW!

What’s more, 80% of recruiters said that the new platform makes it easier to find and connect with cleared talent. Those numbers make us proud – but not so we can pat ourselves on the back. You are on the front lines, finding the cleared talent that serves and protects our nation and its people. By making your jobs easier, it means we’re serving that mission, too. Nothing could make us prouder.

2. It makes it easy to contact job candidates.

69% of recruiters are either “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with our new Message feature, which combined broadcast, group, Voice, instant chat, and one-to-one messages into one platform.

Other Message features that recruiters found helpful included:
• The ability to see all chat, instant messaging, and Voice communications in one view.
• The ability to star/archive messages.
• Enhanced ability to archive and organize old conversations.

3. You can see when candidates are online.

In particular, recruiters enjoyed that the new ClearanceJobs allows you to see whether candidates you’ve communicated with are currently online. 78% of recruiters found this either “Useful” or “Very useful.” Now recruiters can feel more confident that they will get responses, instead of having to just hit “send” and hope for the best.

One recruiter replied, “I like the ability to see who is online. Before, it could be very frustrating sending out information – now I mostly just send out to those who are active.”

4. It has new features and a snazzy interface.

We know that just a few minutes can make all the difference in sealing the deal with a candidate who’s in high demand. So we took the ClearanceJobs capabilities you’ve come to depend on and made them even easier to find. Recruiters reported that our new interface is “Easy to navigate and to set up detailed searches, including better search for out-of-state candidates.”

Another recruiter appreciated that on the new site, “Candidate profile is first to appear and is on a separate tab from the resume. Information in the profile summary is easier to find (and easier on the eyes).

New features were designed with you in mind, too. Pulse takes your company’s job postings and updates and puts them directly in candidate news feeds. Voice makes it easier for you to talk instantly to candidates when you see they’re online and searching for jobs. Our whole site is geared towards making you as successful as you can be.

5. It gives you the tools you need to recruit at your own pace.

One interesting piece of feedback you gave to us is that, while you like our Voice feature, you’re strategic about how you’re using it. 43% of recruiters said that they “prefer to message and email candidates to soften them up before talking to them.” You also shared concerns about whether you might be Voicing candidates while they’re at work or unable to answer the call.

A few recruiters also said that, given how they prefer to interact with candidates, they may not to use this feature – and that’s just fine! Every recruiter has their own approach to finding the candidates they need. The new ClearanceJobs was designed to complement your expertise and give you the tools that work best for you.