Product Release - Fort Dodge

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called “Fort Dodge”.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now available for candidates and customers on ClearanceJobs.

What is MFA?
It's a layered approach to secure your online accounts and the data they contain. With MFA, users prove their identity by supplying two or more pieces of "factors" when they log in. One factor is what a user knows like username and password. Other factors are verification methods that the user has in their possession, such as a phone. By tying user access to multiple types of factors, MFA makes it harder for common threats like account takeovers to succeed.

Because security is of utmost importance to ClearanceJobs, adding MFA adds another layer of protection for our candidates, customers, and the marketplace itself.

While MFA is not required at this time, we strongly encourage all users to opt-in for extra security. The need may arise to implement MFA for all users at some point in the future. If we detect suspicious activity on your account, we reserve the right to enforce MFA.


The first time you log in, you will see the message above asking if you would like to opt-in to Multi-Factor Authentication. If you have a mobile number in your profile, it will automatically be populated.

If you change your mobile number, it will also change it for your profile. MFA will not be allowed with international mobile numbers.


You may also opt-in or opt-out by going to the MFA Settings page from your Menu.

Business Rules around MFA:

  • Code expires after 10 minutes
  • Code is required with every login
  • The account will lock after 5 failed attempts
  • If a code is resent, the original code will not work