Product Release - Kabob 2.0

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called “Kabob 2.0” :slightly_smiling_face:

Resume Age Filters on Resume Search
Targeting candidates who are most active on ClearanceJobs has always been a priority for recruiters, but “active” can mean different things to different people. To make it as clear as possible, we’ve made two changes:

  1. Last Login Date (formerly known as “Resume Age”) will display the candidates who recently logged in to the site.
  2. Profile Update Date (new) will display the last time the candidate made a change to their ClearanceJobs Profile (ex: new Status Updates, changes to address or contact information, etc.), not just logged in.


  • Keep in mind that active candidates, those found in “Last Login Date”, might not always be updating their profile, but they are engaged in career minded activities and may be more open to job changes.
  • Using Resume Alerts and Workflows with Profile Updates is an easy way to see candidates who have made changes to their profile.
  • While the two fields can be used together, it is important to note that they each serve a different function, thus when used together you may unknowingly eliminate candidates from your searches.

Advanced Resume Search, Remote Work
Remote Work has been added to the Advanced Resume Search in the form of a checkbox so that customers can either include candidates open to remote work, or search only for Remote candidates. This update is on IntelliSearch, Boolean Search, and Resume Alerts and ties back to the Candidates willingness to work remote.


If the box is selected, there will be a breadcrumb on the search results to remove the criteria easily.

Job Seeker Application Email Update
An improvement to the Notification of Job Seeker Application email will now direct the employer to the Job Applicants page for the specific job. The link will return the page with all of the applicants listed.