Product Release - Xmas Cookies

What did ClearanceJobs release today? This release is called Xmas Cookies! :yum: :wink:

Search Radius Default

In order to personalize the search experience for our users we will now remember the last radius search performed and apply it to the next radius search performed for that user. We are making the radius sticky, so if the user changes the number, the most recent change is what is remembered until the cache is cleared at which point it will default back to 50 miles.

Favorites Default

We will also open Favorites back up in the browser when they log in to the same state that it was in when the user logged out or closed their browser.

OFCCP Search

When a customer with OFCCP performs a Candidate Search, the OFCCP Search box will be defaulted open to draw attention to the section. This will help eliminate searches being non-compliant because the section was overlooked.

Network Stats to Usage Report Updated

We have updated the site report, Network Stats to Usage Report. We also added the following fields to the report:

  • Number of logins (for period specified by user)
  • Number of searches performed
  • Number of resumes viewed
  • Number of employer profile views

BUG FIXES/New Functionality

Candidate Pulse Group Events

Group Events on Candidate Pulse have been updated to include start and end dates.

Resume Alert folder

We have added type ahead to the drop down list for the Resume Alerts.