The Numbers Are In: How the New ClearanceJobs Is Working for You

The game has changed for cleared recruiting. The total population of cleared professionals is down 33% over the last five years. More than 75% of cleared professionals are happily employed, and active job seekers are scarce. If you’re still just posting jobs and hoping for hires, you’ll come up short.

But here’s the good news: the new ClearanceJobs was built for this tough marketplace. In December 2018, we released our new site with the sole purpose of making it easier for cleared employers and professionals to connect. The new ClearanceJobs includes:

  • Improved core features like IntelliSearch , which takes the guesswork out of finding top candidates (No Boolean sorcery needed).
  • Innovative new features like Pulse , our informative news feed, which pushes your content and job posts directly to interested candidates.
  • Better communications through Message and Voice, which allow you to connect with candidates directly through the platform.
  • A seamless mobile experience, increased user ROI, and overall improved user experience.

And the numbers show it’s working. Across the board, employers are seeing increased connections, profile views, and active visitors to the site. Our year-over-year numbers from April are startling:

450% year-over-year increase in network connections.

What does this mean for you?

A network connection is a single “handshake” between one employer and one candidate, exchanging profiles. They’re one of the best indicators that users are engaging with employers and using new features to the fullest extent.

58% year-over-year increase in candidate logins.

What does this mean for you?

Candidate logins are the easiest and most reliable indicator of general candidate interest. This 58% year-over-year increase in traffic is the result of ClearanceJobs’ new messaging platform and alerts, as well as a better mobile experience for candidates using the site on their phones.

16% increase in searchable profiles – we currently have more 205,000 searchable profiles on ClearanceJobs – and the number keeps rising.

What does this mean for you?

This is where the new ClearanceJobs sets itself apart from any other service – and the reason you trust us with your recruiting needs. This is the pool of cleared candidates that you can view and contact over our platform. A candidate profile must meet minimum criteria for completion and be viewable to employers in order to be included in this number. The new ClearanceJobs makes it even easier for candidates to sign up and complete their profiles on any device, which means this number should continue to grow.

214% increase in recruiter profile views.

What does this mean for you?

Recruiter profile views are individual, logged-in candidates clicking to view individual recruiter profiles. In our extremely unbalanced market, getting passive candidates engaged and communicating with recruiters is a challenge, so this increase from 3k recruiter profile views to more than 9k views is even more remarkable. The new ClearanceJobs not only makes it easier to keep your profile interesting, but also for candidates to find you and see what sets your organization apart.

38% increase in active users

What does this mean for you?

An “active user” is someone who’s viewed more than one page on ClearanceJobs; active visitors indicate a more genuine interest in the site– and more interest in what your company has to offer. Thanks to our new messaging platform, alerts, improved mobile functionality, and wealth of industry-related editorial content, you have a greater pool of active candidates to engage with.

Not experiencing the ClearanceJobs bump?

We know it’s a hard marketplace to recruit cleared talent – that’s the whole reason we worked so hard to bring you the new ClearanceJobs. There’s no silver bullet to making successful hires, but our new site gives you all the tools to point your cleared recruiting program in the right direction. ClearanceJobs guarantees recruiting success when you follow our smart playbook: The Long Game – Strategic, sustained efforts help ensure future payoff (70% of your time). The Short Game – In-time efforts for immediate recruiting gain (30% of your time). ClearanceJobs provides you with the candidates, the tools, and the platform you need to succeed.