Using networking features to find candidates


The networking page is the repository for your Network Connections, Talent Pipelines (Filter by Tags), Network Stats and Recent Activity. To access your Cleared Network, click on the Cleared Network tab on the main menu.

Network features are with any active ClearanceJobs account and includes:

  • 150 Monthly Candidate Connections
  • 2 Monthly Broadcast Messages
  • 10 Hiring Needs on the Recruiter Profile
  • 10 links to external websites on the Recruiter Profile

Network Connections

All the candidates you’ve connected with are stored in the Network Connections section on your Cleared Network page. From your Network Connections, you can see who you’ve connected with recently, search by job titles using keywords; communicate one-to-one with candidates and organize your connections into pipelines of talent.

To search by job titles using keywords, enter the job title you’re searching for in the Search by Keywords field.

Talent Pipeline/Filter by Tags

If you’ve been tagging candidates as you’re connecting with them (also known as building your talent pipeline), you will be able to filter your candidates by tags on your Cleared Network page. To filter by tags, click on the three-dot More Options icon in the blue toolbar under Network Connections, and select “Filter by Tags.”

Network Stats

The Network Stats section reports on your activity within the Cleared Network, including number of connections, company followers, joined groups and profile views.

To see who is following your company, or who’s viewed your profile, hover and click Company Followers or Profile Views. This is a great way to find candidates who may be a fit for your job or your company.

Recent Activity

The Cleared Network page displays the five most recent activities you’ve completed. To view all your recent activity, click on the View More Activity flag at the bottom of the Recent Activity column on the Cleared Network page. Or, you can also view all Recent Activity by clicking on the main menu (upper left corner of screen, next to ClearanceJobs logo), and selecting Cleared Network, then Network, then Recent Activity.


New clients are automatically opted-in to the Cleared Network. You must be opted-in to create a network of candidate connections, build your talent pipelines and communicate with candidates in real-time. To opt-out, or to check your settings, visit Network Settings.

Remember: You must have an active account on ClearanceJobs to use networking features.