Organizing candidates


When you’ve found a candidate that looks promising, either for a current position or future position, connect with the candidate by clicking on the Connect button at the top right of their profile.

Connecting with candidates allows you to communicate with them one-to-one or through bulk targeted messaging, and it also allows you to organize them into talent pipelines.

To limit or restrict candidate connection requests, visit Network Settings.


Tagging candidates allows you to build multiple “buckets” or pipelines of talent. You will probably want several different tags. For instance, if you are searching for a Logistics professional with a Top Secret clearance in the Ft. Meade area, you may want to have one tag for Logistics, another tag for Top Secret, and another tag for Ft. Meade. Each time you find a Logistics candidate, or a TS candidate, or a Ft. Meade candidate, tag them with the corresponding tag.

From the candidate profile, click the drop down menu to the right of the Connect button, and assign a name to the tag. Each candidate can be assigned multiple tags. Assign tags for clearance level, state and job category.


From a candidate’s profile, select the Notes feature at the top right side of their profile. Once you’re in Notes , select New Note and type and save your notes. Recruiters can make multiple notes on the same candidate. Recruiters can also choose to share notes with co-workers or view other co-workers notes.